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Ready Post: Is the Relationship Affected When She’s Smarter Than Him?

It is said that opposites attract. While opposites in romantic relationships can often be helpful, they can also pose a unique set of challenges for both partners.

Successful relationships are achieved through a delicate balance of each partner’s strengths, weaknesses, (more…)

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Ready Post: Unemployed, Furloughed, In Limbo? How to Keep Your Marriage Secure When Your Income Isn’t

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people’s lives in a myriad of ways. We are all carrying extra stress, managing loss and grief, and coping with varying amounts of fear and anxiety. An increasingly common CoID-related point of worry?

Economic insecurity. (more…)

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Ready Post: Healing after Infidelity: 3 Keys to True Forgiveness & Real Reconciliation

Infidelity is one of the most crushing things a relationship can go through. It immediately destroys trust and can impact communication, intimacy, and even a willingness to continue with the relationship. 

Many people believe that infidelity is an automatic end (more…)

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Ready Post: When Your Relationships Has Been Tainted by Infidelity – 3 Keys for Recovery

Any relationship will go through its fair share of struggles. One of the biggest things that can taint a relationship, however, is infidelity. When you commit to being faithful to someone, you expect the same commitment in return.

If you’ve discovered (more…)

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Ready Post: Dealing with A Passive-Aggressive Partner? 6 Sanity-Saving Tips

Passive-aggressive people can be emotionally tricky. They are generally indirect when it comes to anger. Therefore, attempts to deal with them during conflict can leave you feeling insecure, frustrated, or even dismissed by their subtle instigation or avoidance.

So, what (more…)

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Ready Post: Female Breadwinner: Dealing with the Effects of Income Differences in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, there are going to be certain discrepancies between partners. For example, one partner may have had a completely different upbringing than the other, causing conflicts in lifestyle choices.

But what happens if you make significantly (more…)

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