Q. Why do I need new content on my site each month? 

A. Growing your site content is extremely important for both your rankings and for your potential client’s experience while visiting your site. Google ranks larger sites higher in the search engine results than sites with fewer pages. Additionally, if you add content regularly, Google senses a “heartbeat” on your site and knows that you’re still in business. With plentiful content, your potential clients will be able to find more valuable information on your website, thus forming an impression of you as a true and helpful expert. Finally, content is the fodder for social media engagement and email marketing — both important aspects of building your private practice.

Q. What type of content can I order from you?

A. We write content that we call “core” or “evergreen” content. Through keyword research, we know the most common questions that people have about mental and behavioral health issues. We write content that addresses those questions. With the content we provide, your potential clients will have what we call a “great user experience” in that the content on your website will inform them and help them. They will get insights into their (or their family’s) issues. They will, of course, credit you with those insights and, therefore, will be more likely to set up an appointment with you.

Q. Do I own the content, once I buy it?

A. Yes, you own the content. Once you choose a specific article, we write it and send it to you—only. We never place that content anywhere else. We will never sell that content again. If we write a similar article in the future, it will be written from scratch and will be unique.

Q. Is the content original?

A. All of our content is 100% original. Our writers are serious writers. They research the topic and write an original article. Also, we don’t allow our writers to quote huge chunks of text. And when they do quote something or someone, we require proper punctuation and source information. Finally, each article is checked through CopyScape before it is placed in our blog library.

Q. What is the general length of TBL plan posts?

A. TBL posts (and a-la-carte posts) have a word count parameter of a minimum of 600 words and, generally, don’t run any longer than 700 words on average. If you’re in need of longer posts, please contact your blogging coordinator or fill out our support request.

Q. Can I modify the content I get?

A. Yes, you can certainly modify the content. In fact, some therapists prefer to modify all their blog posts to make them a little more personalized. Of course, this isn’t always necessary, but it does ensure that the voice is more like your voice and that the style of the article fits on your site. Even if you have to modify content you get from our library, you’ll be saving yourself several hours per month in not having to think of titles and write the pieces yourself.

Q. After subscribing, when can I expect delivery of my posts?

A. That partially depends on when you signed up for TBL. First off, payment for TBL posts is always made a month in advance, i.e. if you ordered in January, your blog posts will be delivered in February. Secondly, delivery days vary for the first month depending on when you subscribed. For example, if you ordered in the first half of the month (1st – 15th), you will receive your posts the following month according to the schedule you agreed upon. However, if you ordered in the second half of the month (16th – last day), you will receive your posts during the second half of the following month, no matter what schedule you agreed upon. (4 posts/month only: If you subscribed to that plan during the second half of the month, you also will only receive 2 posts during the second half of the following month, and we’ll refund you the undelivered 2 posts.)

Q. Do TBL plans include revisions or editing services?

A. No. The moment of delivery (when we give you access to the post in your TBL account) constitutes the fulfillment of what the TBL subscription plan entails. That means we do not assist you in making revisions nor will we do a final edit after you made your own changes. Publishing the final post is completely up to you. We won’t revisit your blog or publish it for you after you’ve reviewed it.

Q. Will you include links to source sites or references in TBL posts?

A. No. The TBL subscriptions are fixed-price plans providing basic, core-content information posts. We do not include outbound links to other sites, nor links to other posts on your site, nor a list of references at the end of the post. If you wish to add links to a post, that is completely up to you. Once the post is delivered, we do not dictate what you do with your post. (PLUS plans do include a link at the end of the post back to the relevant specialty page for the topic, but no interlink between other blog posts on your site.)

Q. Are images included in the blogging plans?

A. Regular TBL blogging plans options do not include any images. However, PLUS plans do include one image that we choose from either Pexels.com or Unsplash.com since these images are free, royalty-free, and don’t require image attribution. The image will be chosen to fit the blog post and the aesthetics of your website. (Us choosing the image tends to make the process faster, and we can keep making forward progress on your site without waiting for images from you. If you would like to change an image to something else after the post has been put on your blog, you are more than welcome to do so.)

Q. What if I get an article that I don’t like?

A. If you choose an article and for some reason you don’t like it, please let us know within a week from the delivery of the post. You always have the option of rejecting an article that you’re not satisfied with. We will simply develop another title and write a whole new article. In order to do this, please contact our Blog Library Support or your blogging coordinator.

Q. Can I buy an extra article when I need one?

A. Yes, you can. Your membership level includes a specific number of posts per month, but you can always buy additional posts (at the same discounted rate as those of your TBL plan). We offer pre-written blog posts (Ready Posts) or a-la-carte posts (uniquely developed posts for you outside your subscription plan). These options are perfect if you have the need for more content in a particular month. Contact your blogging coordinator to find out more.

Q. Can you write a post with a quick turnaround about a current event or in connection with a holiday?

A. Current events posts usually focus on 1) disasters (hurricanes, shootings, etc.), 2) special events (World Suicide Prevention Day, Stress Awareness Month, etc.), or 3) holidays. Special events and holidays can be planned months in advance. Thus, they can actually be scheduled into your normal TBL post lineup. However, sudden disasters cannot be planned into our writing schedule beforehand. If you would like to have something written in connection with such an event, you can request an “a-la-carte post” (contact your blogging coordinator) and purchase it separately. These separately purchased posts will be discounted according to your normal TBL post rate.

Q. What if I need more in-depth or personalized blog posts?

A. Sometimes, the TBL process is not a good fit for a client. You may like more input and personal collaboration than the TBL procedure provides. Since the TBL plan is a fixed-price program, it can only be collaborative to a certain extent. For anyone who wants to discuss the content of their posts more in depth, give much more direction, address more specialized topics (such as neuroscience), or have more personalized information in their posts, please talk to your blogging coordinator to find out how we could accommodate your needs.

Q. I like writing my own posts but am in need of editing services, can you provide those?

A. Yes. We offer client-written post editing services at an hourly rate for which we utilize Google Docs to give editing suggestions that you can apply or reject. Please, make a support request and specify what you need and for which type of content (blogging or web pages).

Q. My practice serves multi-lingual clients, do you offer translation services for posts?

A. No. We do not currently offer translation services, nor do we have any plans to offer them in the near future.

Q. Can I change my membership level?

A. Yes, you can change your membership level at any time. Click here to let us know or contact your blogging coordinator directly.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

A. Though we’d hate to see you go, you can cancel your membership at any time for any reason. Please fill out our cancellation form.