If you seem to lose the formatting when pasting your blog posts onto your website, here are step-by-step instructions showing you how to add the content and format it yourself.

1. Copy the content from your post. 


2. Add a new post. 


3. Once the blank post opens, add the title of the post.

***Make sure you are on ‘Visual’ rather than ‘Text’ in the post. 


4. Then, click on the button that looks like a clipboard with the letter ‘T’ on it. 


5. Now, paste the content into the post. You will notice the formatting is gone – don’t worry! 


6. Now, refer to your original post to see where formatting existed. Remember bolded titles, spacing, bullets, numbered list, etc. 


7. Where you see formatting in the original post, add to your post. You may notice the spacing is different. Be sure to add or delete spaces where needed. 


8. For headers, highlight the text, and select ‘Header 2’ in the drop down. 


Also, while the text is still highlight, click the ‘B’ to bold it. 


 9. For numbered lists, or lists with bullets, highlight all the content in the list, then click on the bullet or number buttons. 


***If for some reason everything in the list doesn’t have its own number or bullet, watch this short video showing you how to fix that (think — back space, enter, backspace, enter, etc): http://screencast.com/t/rJHhUbKnZDSR 

10. Once you have added all the formatting you see from the original post, you can ‘Preview’ your post to see if the formatting matches. Remember to ‘Save Draft’ before previewing. Also, remember that all websites are different, so your formatting may look slightly different from the Therapy Blog Library website.


11. Press ‘Publish’ and you’re done!