When a Therapy Blog Library Plan Is Not a Good Fit

Therapy Blog Library (TBL) plans require a certain initiative from you, the client. While we do our best to represent your style and voice well, TBL posts don’t include revision/editing services after delivery. Therefore, to personalize a post further, you will be responsible for any additional changes. However, for various reasons, you may find handling editing matters by yourself not to be a good fit for you.

Since TBL is a fixed-price program and can only be collaborative to a certain extent, you also may want more hands-on involvement during the writing process. We certainly understand your difficulties and desire to discuss content in depth, receive help adding specific information regarding your specialties, or jointly address cutting-edge topics for which the writer will need your direct guidance.

That is why, aside from the TBL program, CounselingWise also offers a blog post writing program which allows for more input from you, closer collaboration, and greater flexibility.

We call it the Expert Blog Post (EBP) program!

For obvious reasons, this EBP program is NOT a fixed-price plan. Any work done will be charged at a rate of $55.00/hour.

Aside from the price, there are several other ways the EBP program differs from the TBL plans:

  • It allows for phone interaction between you and the writer during a monthly interview.
  • It includes revisions/editing to make the post exactly how you want it.
  • It is set up to supply 1-2 blog posts/month only. (That’s because it takes longer to write collaboratively and do the revisions/edits.)
  • Beyond saving the finished posts on your blog, we can also assist with scheduling for publication of posts and incorporating images.

What Can You Expect When You Sign Up for the EBP Program?

When you sign up for this program, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire (much like for TBL). Your answers will help us understand your vision of style and voice so we can represent them well from the first draft onward and make revision and editing time as short as possible.

What are the basic EBP steps?*

  1. Developing Title Ideas: Your blogging coordinator consults with you before writing begins (at the 1st of each month) to receive topics from which to develop keywords and titles ideas (this is very similar to how it works for TBL plans). They then pass these titles on to the writer to discuss content with you during the interview.
  2. Scheduling of Interview: Also, at the start of each month, the writer sets up an interview time with you via email. At that time, you will discuss the content of your EBPs utilizing a conference call application (these interviews are recorded as backups for the writer to use during the writing process).
  3. Conducting Interview: At the agreed time, the writer holds the interview with you (time limit for interview is 1 hour for 2 posts to keep cost manageable). You will discuss the specifics of your posts, including which titles you wish to use. Your writer will also make sure that they understand your input via the Client Questionnaire correctly and may ask additional questions for clarification (this usually happens only during the initial interview).
  4. Writing Post Drafts: Once the writer finishes the drafts for both posts (within a week following the interview), they will share them with you via Google Docs.
  5. Revising\Editing: You can then review the drafts, make changes yourself, or add comments for the writer to make changes. When you’re done, the writer will integrate any changes you indicated via your comments and spell check\grammar check the post drafts again. (This phase may require passing the drafts back and forth a few times to ensure the posts are just how you want them.)
  6. Final Editing/Formatting: Once you approve of the final version of the posts, the writer passes them on to the blogging coordinator for formatting and a final editing check.
  7. Putting Posts on Blog and Publishing: The blogging coordinator then saves the posts on your blog as drafts (entering SEO information if applicable). Your CounselingWise project manager (if you have one) will be informed that the new blog posts are ready for adding images (if that is the arrangement). If no images are required or you have no project manager, your blogging coordinator will correspond with you about scheduling the posts for publishing.

If this program fits your needs and your vision for your blog posts, please let your blogging coordinator know. We’re looking forward to helping you make your blog an outstanding feature of your website!

(*Note: Should you have any additional questions about the EBP program, please contact your blogging coordinator or submit a support request.)